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BTS V blocking the poor guy's cheese puffs<<ive pinned this before but this is the funniest bts post ever

Suga: "stretching: you're doing it wrong. This is how you do it."

Suga: "stretching: you're doing it wrong." Well it is how he stretches, i rly agree with Suga{🍉}

Jin went to a strawberry farm!

That time Jin visited a strawberry farm. I would love to have been there with him eating strawberries

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Bitch I'm going to go watch Korean fun now thanks I've already seen the episodes but whatever if it's BTS<<<<< imma watch it

I'm pretty much an allrounder, but I'm more intense than it makes it sound. Plus I kind of have three main fandom- Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and supernatural

I'd say I'm hardcore, Godmother (I love answering questions, if it means meeting another fan), and a tiny bit All-Rounder (I have a handful of top fandoms, and then a little bit of everything else). << I'm also a hardcore godmother

My mom asked me what I was reading today (a fanfic) and I made up a plot to a book on the top of my head<<<I do that all the time but when I want to write something I have a brainfart and forget all those awesome things I use as excuses