Keep stalking, it’s funny. Why don’t you be mad about something other then a child spending time with a parent they don’t see.

—Charles Eames

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Navio Vazio (Porto, Portugal) - Ensaio para Medeia 2012 Mixed Media

Navio Vazio… In this simplistic abstract piece, the arms and hands show us something on a white background. It fulfills our needs because of the figure and ground made by dark colors.

Playful New Wallpaper and Textiles from Petite Friture

Playful New Wallpaper and Textiles from Petite Friture

‘Villa P.’ is a fantasy world elaborated by Petite friture, French ‘editor of designs’. A stage decor where flat tints of acidulated colors mingle with different scales products.

The year's best covers, as chosen by the art director of The New York Times Book Review.

The Best Book Covers of 2016

A brilliant collection of essays by a young writer who is already a star in the intellectual firmament. As William Deresiewicz has written in Harper’s Magazine, “[Mark Greif ] is an intellectual,.