Want a little bit of bad ass boots.

Vintage inspired

she needs to go get herself a sandwich, but the outfit is perfect.

had a jacket like this that I loved loved loved!

these shoes are absolutely hideous! but the hat coat and shirt arent so bad at all.


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Vintage 80s Cats and Aliens Tacky Ugly Ski Sweater

Vintage Cats and Aliens Tacky Ugly Ski Sweater - The Ugly Sweater Shop

Black Milk Clothing - Sneak Peek

Black Milk Cross of St Peter leggings!

Pretty in pink

hot pink shoes and dark wash jeans

floral doc martens

I love the floral Doc Martens The floral patterned add a soft touch to thick hard boot. The pattern is also wearable and easy to pair with clothing.

Art like this makes me tolerate Burberry's noxious and ubiquitous plaid.

I have to have this jacket! It's sold out everywhere =-( *Burberry studded Motor*

ooooh I had the shorter version of these boots and loved them!

Isabel Marant fringe boots are some of my favorites! 💋💋-Sarah (Rice and Beans Vintage)