100 Bilder zur Gartengestaltung – die Kunst die Natur zu modellieren - steine in formen im garten

Next time we hit The Frio River this will be my kids' rock shape scavenger hunt project. It's usually to find a heart or fruit shaped rock but this idea is so cute!

Steine bemalen - Dekoration für Zuhause oder nur zum Spaß!

DIY Painted Rock Cactus Tutorials: Paint Rock Cactus, Faux Cactus in flower pot for garden or home decor with painting, no water, no maintenance.

Kostenlose DIY Anleitung: als tolle Deko für Eure Festtafel eignen sich Steine, die Ihr mit Tafelfarbe bemalt / free diy tutorial: stones painted with chalk paint via DaWanda.com

DIY-Anleitung: Steine mit Tafelfarbe bemalen via DaWanda.com

Kieselsteine bemalt als leckere Erbeeren-schnelle DIY ideen

Rockpainting ideas turn stones into beautiful flowers, colorful birds, charming insects, cute animals or colorful bouquets of flowers, cute miniature houses and dwarfs

Most inspiring pictures and photos - NexToT

painted leaves on river rocks Megan Martin via marika onto I Could Do That and It Would Be Awesome