Fordi folk påstår me ikkje trenger feminisme?!

Makes some things women in American complaining, lobbying, and protesting seem petty. So very petty, ladies, wake up and see who is truly oppressed in this world. This is why we need feminism.


A guy in love with a girl. If a girl really wants to know how a guy feels when he is in love.this is sincerely.the God's honest least for the good guys it is.<< I really hope this is true! I would feel so loved

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Sometimes words are like glass shards in the mouth. If you are silent, it hurts. If you speak, it will start to bleed.

"...and that is who I am (part 5)" by sasha-halestorm ❤ liked on Polyvore

Me except I rarely reread books because there is plenty new books I still have yet to read.

15 Most Powerful Photographs Ever Captured

Some of the most powerful images ever captured- the last one brought tears to me eyes. <<< they all brought tears to mine. More tears came with each photo.