Love language humor (soy translates to, "I am.") In which case I would be dead.

Love language humor (soy translates to, "I am.") But wouldn't milk introduce itself as "Soy leche" in Spanish? Oh, well the joke is still funny!


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In love with gang members ? Are u crazy that nerd is a stalker i havent seen in over 10 yrs begging me to be with him are crazy? I aint with nobody i work and do me like ive always done

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Seems most of the country is having a sale, off or end of season sale yet is that one or two new items in your wardrobe going to give you a fresh new look? We can already hear you say &


Hipster Llama Quote Poster Print: Como te llama(s) Again, that one unexpected thing in a room. This is awesome!

#Christmas #Weihnachten #Printen #Tannenbaum #Schnee #Lichter #Weihnachtsmarkt

#Christmas #Weihnachten #Printen #Tannenbaum #Schnee #Lichter #Weihnachtsmarkt

Eben in der U-Bahn: Im Tunnel hält der Zug, plötzlich geht das Licht aus. Stille. Dann die Durchsage: Liebe Fahrgäste, wir sind nicht der Hogwarts Express und wir werden auch nicht von Dementoren überfallen. Das war nur der falsche Knopf.

In the Subway: the train stops in the tunnel, lights go out. Then the announcement: dear passengers, we are not the hogwarts express and we are not going to be attacked by Dementors. It was just the wrong button.


T-Rex Tiny Arms. Poor Dino D:. oh my, thats funny! Yeah, and you ab-so-lu-tel-ly NEVER saw this anywhere else before right? take my red pinkie bro dinosaur t rex happy fuuuuuu