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NAIL STRENGTHENER – Ana’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge

NAIL STRENGTHENER – 2 easy methods - Method 1 – Soak your nail in 4 tbsp cider vinegar for 2 minutes. Method 2 – Put 1 tsp table salt in a glass of cold water and soak your nails in the solution for 2 minutes

White teeth in 10 minutes using natural ingredients

Sаy goodbye to expensіve аnd dаngerous teeth whitеning treatments forever! Thіs safе, сheap and ALL-NATURAL altеrnativе wіll gіve уou a brighter, whiter smіle frоm hоmе - аnd іn just a few weeks.

EASY NAIL HACKS & IDEAS: Save major money by skipping the salon and creating your own perfect mani with these tips and hacks. Cut down your drying time with PAM cooking spray, create the perfect half-moon mani with paper reinforcements, and create your own nail polish hue with loose pigments — find all the details and instructions here!

THE BEST NAIL HACKS: Become a manicure master with these brilliant and easy nail ideas! Learn how to use Vaseline to create a clean manicure, how to create easy nail art and half-moon manis, and much more with these easy nail tricks.

I'm surprised these are actually good ideas... 12 easy art nail "hacks"

Easy Nail Art Hacks, Tips and Tricks For The Cutest Manicure Ever - Instead of trying to maneuver a sponge, use an old small makeup brush to literally brush glitter on your nails for an ombre look.


Not the easiest link to get to, so: 1 gelatin envelope without fragrances or dyes (using only 1 teaspoon) and a few teaspoons of milk. Get rid of blackheads in 15 minutes with a natural mask