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Bus Stop Classics: 1946 – 1959 Flxible Twin Coach Transit Bus – Chicago’s Favorite

Here’s another bus you would have likely have seen or ridden in if you were spending time in any large North American metropolitan area in the decades of the 1950s […]

MCL - Macy Garage MTA_0632

MCL - Macy Garage. 4/5/1956.

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Miami: MTA "Dade County Metropolitan Transit Authority" No. 661 (600 Series 1954,1956) 1956 GM TDH-5106

Name: Manufacturer: Series: Vin: Model: Number: Route: Destination Sign: Numbered: Engine: Transmission: Production: Place: Date: Photo by: PURCHASED BY MIAMI TRANSIT COMPANY, 1956 GM TDH-5106, No. 661. The 600 Series (600-679), (600-653) Serial No. (0179-0232) Delivered to Miami Transit Company in Oct & Nov 1954, (654) Serial No. (0920) delivered to Miami Transit Company in June 1956, (655-679) Serial No (0923-0947) delivered to Miami Transit Company in June 1956. They were Diesel powered…

CTA Chicago Transit Authority Brill Trolleybus Kodachrome original Kodak slide | eBay