Wildnisjagd in Yukon

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a lake surrounded by pine trees in the mountains
See am Basecamp
Blick auf den See und das Basecamp vom Berg
there is a tent in the middle of some bushes and trees with mountains in the background
Spikecamp im Yukon
four horses with saddles are walking through the grass in front of some mountains on a cloudy day
Packpferde in Yukon
Abtransport des erlegten Wildes
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by trees
Yukonfluss aus der Luft
an airplane is sitting on the water with mountains in the background
Der einzige Weg ins Camp via Flugzeug
a lake surrounded by trees and mountains with clouds in the sky above it, on a sunny day
Unser Basecamp am See
a mountain is seen through the window of an airplane as it flies over a body of water
See mit Berg in Yukon
the mountains are covered in snow and brown trees with yellow leaves on them, under a cloudy blue sky
Berg in Yukon