Natürlich schöne Weihnachtszeit

Decorating for Christmas with nature finds - a small artificial tree or live sprigs would be nice toppers too.

adventsausstellung floristik - Google-Suche

Tree bark around a candle . even could be used around a jat or used candle . maybe burlap tied in a bow. Then use it for pencils or anything .


pretty fireplace idea without being overly flashy or traditional colors- and goes with my home's restoration hardware design palate!

Shabby chic and I: DIY Kranz aus Zapfen und Zimtbrezeln

Shabby chic and I - Shabby Chic, DIY und Deko: DIY Kranz aus Zapfen und Zimtbrezeln

Feenraum: Zweiter Advent.....und Holzscheitengel

simple fire wood modern angel of light for st. lucia or christmas nativity decorations Engel aus Holzscheiten

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