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"Unlike the tacky bright white "French manicures" I see everywhere... even on toes (gasp!), the true French manicure is a simple sheer pink, which allows a glimpse of the naturally pale tips to show through. It goes with absolutely everything, casual to all out glamour. (OPI 'Mimosas for Mr

OPI "Mimosas for Mr & Mrs". Perfect nude nail color, need to find this color because the French Manicure seems to stand out.taking away from the wedding rings in every shot.

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Lovely Nail Polish Trends for Spring & Summer 2017 - In spite of their small size, fingernails can play an important role in increasing the beauty of your hands and can also have a big effect on the whol.

Infografik zum Bestimmen der Blattformen, also der Blätter, von Bäumen wie Apfelbaum, Bergahorn, Birnbaum, Buche, Buchsbaum, Eberesche, Eiche, Erle, Esche, Feldahorn, Hainbuche, Haselstrauch, Kirschbaum, Linde, Pappel, Platane, Robinie, Rosskastanie, Schwarzdorn, Spitzahorn, Stechpalme, Ulme, Weide und Weißdorn

Heimische Blattformen / Bäume bestimmen by Iris Luckhaus.

Iris Luckhaus - Heimische Vögel im Fluge

Sheets for the identification of different leaves, animal tracks and flying birds. Available as poster oder print at Posterlounge and as postcards at Artflakes. Also part of the "Lily Lux Notizbuch" (.

Lesetraining-Adventskalender in Grundschrift zum Ausprobieren - Seite 1

Lesetraining-Adventskalender in Grundschrift zum Ausprobieren - Seite 1