Rainy Day Umbrella: Every Friday our Friday Playgroup (basically storytime for little kids) has crafts... which means I have to come up with a lot of simple things they can do within 15 minutes. Yeash. Not easy. I have not done these yet, but have them on the schedule for March 2013. I'm going to have them use stampers to decorate the plate (something we don't get to use often).

Basteln mit Kindern: Regenschirm aus einem Party-Pappteller


Adorable leaf mobile - Herbstdeko für das Zimmer/Wichtel/Zwerge/Blättekinder

Another way to enjoy fall color from the inside.  Ironed between wax paper?  Organic shape outline?

WOW! So einfach und so wunderschön... Unbedingt merken & nachmachen - der…

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