How to make concrete door stopper – prepare yourself it’s so easy and beautiful I saw a lot of concrete DIY’s lately, and I decided to give it a try The materials you need: Concrete Water Disposable box or anything else .

Juice box for mold, coke bottle to provide space for light and cables on the inside. - sorry link broken

Paved Pedestal Lamp Base

Waxed concrete Paved pedestal lamp bases -- and nice assortment of bulbs. I love the contrast beautiful the bold concrete and delicate bulbs

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Tischfeuerschale | Feuerschale aus Beton selber machen | DIY Firebowl Garden | Schale aus Beton für Garten, Balkon und Terrasse mit Brennpaste

Eine Lichterkette wird durch ein Rohr gezogen und einzementiert. Was dann 2 Tage später im Garten steht, ist phantastisch.

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make as cable box Square Concrete Salt Box with Dark American Walnut Wood Lid/ Salt Cellar/ Minimalist Concrete box with lid

This is a series of sculptural accent lights featuring LED light bulbs within solid cubes, which are hand formed out of white gypsum cement. Each Cast Light is unique. Design by Snarkitecture.