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24 Fotos, die beweisen, dass Hamburger die besten Menschen der Welt sind

street art record player using a manhole cover as the turntable

The iPod First Generation. Of course, back then, we just called it "The iPod." Ours still even works - for a few minutes at a time...

Identify your iPod model

The original iPod. I think most people don't remember that it actually had physical buttons other than the scrollwheel.

Bang and Olufsen, sound system, very modern and chic

Sleek and simple are just a few words to describe the sexiest gadget of the year, courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. The BeoPlay is a crystal clear sounding streaming stereo that makes listening to music

Braun speaker system by Dieter Rams.

:: DIeter Rams, Speaker system for Braun :: < Malevich design influence?

The initial sketch presenting ideas _braun sketch

Facsimile of a Dieter Rams sketch of the SK designed in From 'Braun The Last Edition, 1991