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Beautiful Ellie Fan art

"You tried to separate us before and succeeded for a time - but don't you see. Papa will always find me and I will always come back to him.

even though she was mean and sort of a bitch i actually found her very strong for being a "survivor" always doing what necessary and not feeling anything when she needs too

Tess had to be one of my few favorite characters in the last of us. Sure, she was bossy and a little rude but she was so strong and good hearted in her own way. She sacrificed all she had left for Joel and Ellie.

The last of us Ellie///. <----- yeah yeah this games bad ass and the main character is named Ellie.

The Last of Us - lead character artist Michael Knowland

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The Last of Us, A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game by Naughty Dog

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