Making felt food for kids is very gratifying. With simple and inexpensive materials you can create realistic looking play food that will last for years and promote open-ended, imaginative play. Three years ago when I was bit by the felt food bug, I compiled this list of free online tutorials to make a huge variety of play food. Now, I've updated it with twice as many links to help and inspire you.

How To Make Felt Food: Our Mega List of Free Tutorials

Schnabelina Easybag free pattern and tutorial (in German)

Holiday Plush Reindeer Title_thumb[1]

Holiday Plush Reindeer

Holiday Plush Reindeer - this gives me many ideas! Free pattern and tutorial. Dark brown cuddle material is

Thermomix - Rezepte mit Herz : Körnerbrötchen- über Nacht

❤️ Thermomix - Rezepte mit Herz ❤️ Rezeptideen &Co.

Das Stockbrotteig Thermomix Rezept für laue Abende am Lagerfeuer. Spitzenidee für Kindergeburtstage - hat super funktioniert. Wie es geht, lest ihr hier:

This site is German.if you can't translate they used soft frozen pretzel dough and stretched it out on a stick. She said listen for the sizzle. They used bamboo sticks

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