Jan Kiunke

Jan Kiunke

Eleganz heisst nicht ins Auge zu fallen, sondern im Gedächtnis zu bleiben Here is one of the moments that you loved to hate me and you hate to love me so becau
Jan Kiunke
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It’s time for me to update my Artstation with my newest Art piece! This project was done by nights, and on a few week-ends. I initially started this project for a University Class, but I ended-up continuing this project even after the class was done.

Discover The Art of Zootopia in a new gallery 70 Original Environment Concept Art from Armand Serrano, Scott Watanabe & more… In a city of anthropomorphic


coryloftis: Since I’ve been playing Wildstar so much here lately, I thought I’d celebrate with a little concept art dump! Some of the many random things I drew during my time at Carbine. Also I’m sure Andy Cotnam, Mindy Lee, or Johnson Truong probably