Bar 89-94cm -> Hocker 60-70cm Bar 104-109cm -> Hocker 74-81cm Bar 112-119cm -> Hocker 84-91cm

Countertop height guide and Bar Stool Buying Guide.Or the builder's guide. When building desks, tables or bars these measurements come in handy.

_SCHREIBTISCH ORGANISATION _HANDLICH _HOLZ Erhältlich: Ähnliches Design erhältlich:

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Wonder what this would look like with hard drives and dog hair everywhere

A little office inspo for this morning. Minimalist workspaces can increase productivity while airy windows and houseplants add an organic feel and bring the outdoors in. This my ideal workspace.

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Sleek and Stylish DIY Coffee Tables ? Lots of Ideas and Tutorials! Including from & me, for you& this nice DIY copper coffee table.

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STUDY AREA: if I scaled this project up in size, we could make a really cool and very modern/industrial desk for pretty cheap. Would need to stain the wood, though, it looks cheap here without it.

Mit diesem Trick erschaffst Du wahre Kunstwerke auf Deiner Wand. Was du brauchst: 1-2 Hände voll Moos, 2 Tassen Buttermilch oder Joghurt, 2 Tassen Wasser, halben Teelöffel Zucker, Maissirup (nur falls die Mixtur dickflüssiger sein soll) Wie das ganze funktioniert erfährst du auf:

The original guide to creating moss graffiti, the eco-friendly way to tag the world. Our tutorial will teach you how to easily make graffiti with moss!