Coole Fotoidee!

Spring chalk art: Have students work together in groups: brainstorm and sketch inside, then use a class period to draw w/ chalk on blacktop, then pose together laying on blacktop. I stand on a ladder and take their pictures!

"The green underground" - recycled art dolls

Papier mâché sculpture poupées d'art Bandits art par RecycoolArt This is a good way of doing armatures for air dry clay and paper mache

Máscaras de carnaval de David Edgar con botellas de detergentes. Una vez bien limpias las botellas de plástico, se pueden reutilizar para hacer caretas.

Davis Edgar - Shade Tree — These remind me of the "gitchie-goomies" we made at Girl Scout camp.

Kunst in der Grundschule: Augen

First students labeled and colored a worksheet identifying the proper organization of a c.