How easy is this one to make? Most of us have lanterns sitting around. If you want to buy some, these are at Ikea for $14.99/each. I saw mini-pumpkins at Vons recently for $.59/each, and you can buy a bag of fall themed potpourri at any discount store to use as filler.

Fall Decorating Ideas

Mini pumpkins and gourds in a lantern for Fall. GOOD IDEA: cut hole for tea light candle in mini pumpkin in lantern.

fall apples

Fruit and flowers do not mix. Fruit and vegetables gives off ethylene gas, which causes flowers to wilt. keep your arrangement away from a large bowl of produce.

Ein Kranz aus Hagebutten - Gartenzauber

Ein Kranz aus Hagebutten

Herbstkranz als Tischdeko - Tische herbstlich dekorieren 4 - [LIVING AT HOME]

Tische herbstlich dekorieren

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