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Low-Cost DIY Hydroponics Systems

Not all of these involve PVC, but the majority do, and they all have their merits.

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Aquaponic Indoor

Aquaponic Indoor - Everything you should know about Aquaponics Made Easy, Home Aquaponics, Backyard Aquaponics and Ecofriendly Aquaponics.

Home Income Relaxation & Survival: DIY Water Ram Pump That Use No Electricity

Homemade Ram Pump

This is a video testing my new homemade ram pump, 4' of fall 15' of head, 1" drive, 1" pump, 1/2" output.

The main goal of Meribah Ram Pump is to provide with technologies to places where there is a scarcity of water and electricity by utilizing renewable resources.

Animation - Hydraulic Ram

Adding A Pre-Separator To Your Dust Collection System Page 1 – workshop

Adding A Pre-Separator To Your Dust Collection System

Adding a pre-separator to your single-stage dust collector will save you time and money. It’ll save you time because it’s a lot easier to empty one of these than the lower, or “chip,” bag of a bag-over- bag collector.

Despite the claims of "free energy" on the title of the video below, this is not yet another wacky perpetual motion story. We here at Hackaday fully support the laws of thermodynamics, and we think yo.

DIY Ram Pump Obeys The Laws Of Physics

Despite the claims of "free energy" on the title of the video below, this is not yet another wacky perpetual motion story. We here at Hackaday fully support the laws of thermodynamics, and we think yo...

Ma version du cyclone - Page 2

Ma version du cyclone - Page 2

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Cyclone Kits - make a cyclonic separator using your own container


Cyclone Kit 2-1/2"

The Original Dust Deputy® I own it and love it. Don't buy the knock-offs. The original is made in the USA. Some folks think it is expensive, but trust me, it is much cheaper than buying the filters for your shop vac.

Lee Valley Tools

Using this cyclone separator is an easy way to both increase the capacity of your shop vacuum and extend the life of its dust filters. It works through cyclonic separation; as debris enters the vortex, centrifugal force concentrates the particles at the periphery. Because the cyclone is conical, the debris spirals downwards, losing velocity and separating from the airstream. As much as 99% of shavings and dust are diverted into the container, ensuring very little reaches the vacuum itself…

A ram pump uses the pressure of gravity on water to pump the water uphill. It generally needs a water source with at least 5 feet (+-) of head (fall) and a minimum of gallons per minute of flow in order to function properly

Reclaiming noble independence in an unstable world

On this site you'll learn how to live a prepared lifestyle that is free from dependence on 'the system'. From growing and preserving food to making your own electricity off the grid to setting up a reliable water system and more, we've got you covered.

This comes with detailed instructions on how to make this.

DIY Cyclone Dust Collector

Hydraulic Ram Pump : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic Ram Pump: Pump water with no electricity, no gasoline, just gravity!Sound crazy or impossible? Don't worry, it does obey the laws of physics, but I'll try to explain the operation later. This instructable shows how to build a fairly simple water pump that nee…

Carneiro hidráulico irriga a plantação sem gastar energia e combustível

By: INTERVALO DA NOTICIAS Texto: G1 – Imagem: Divulgação Irrigar a plantação sem gastar energia é o sonho de todo agricultor....

Energetická účinnost: udělejte to sami

El ariete hidráulico

El ariete hidráulico: la eficiencia energética con soleraEl ariete hidráulico, patentado en 1796 por Joseph Montgolfier, consiste en una máquina que aprovecha únicamente la energía de un pequeño salto de agua para elevar parte de su caudal a una altura superior. A partir de su invención, el ariete hidráulico tuvo una amplia difusión por todo el mundo.

DIY home-made hydraulic ram pump to pump water uphill. A ram pump runs on the force of the water flowing into it. It can pump water up a tall hillside as

how ram pumps work?

Please watch human voice version of this video in here. https://youtu.be/6koHqPM_zxg

Sistema Aquapônico 16- Aquaponia Beira Mar-2 Criatórios 1000 l+1 Filtro de Sólidos+1 Filtro Biológico+6 camas de cultivo+1 Reservatório 500 l+1 Bancada Vertical para Cultivo

Sistema constituído de 2 criatórios de 1000 l, para os peixes, 6 mesas de cultivo de metades de barris plásticos de 200 l, 1 filtro para sólidos, 1 filtro biológio, 1 reservatório de 500 ll para o retorno, 1 bancada vertical para cultivo, com uma bomba de 3000 l/h. #aquaponia #aquaponics #aquapônico