Fireworks over city, 5th grade originally.  Wonderful combination of black and white designs (possibly zentangles?) and color!  Maybe good for a sub lesson....

cityscape elementary art lesson - I love the black line drawing against the richly colored skies.

Cutest art project ever!

Elephant Mom And Baby Handprint, plus other cute animals to make out of hand/foot prints for mothers day project

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Shadow drawing is a simple but fun outdoor art activity for kids. "In the morning a.) or late afternoon p.), place a table in a sunny spot where long shadows will be cast. Unroll paper along one side of the table, and arrange a variety of object

Benutzerdefinierte Drucken von Hand oder Fuß von PattycakeArtworks

Custom Hand print or Foot print Painting Artwork Keepsakes Momento Art

ilutulestik2 by Kaja K, via Flickr

Amazingly fun-looking fifth grade fireworks project. From Kajakas on Flicker. Could teaching line and value?


Fall trees Q-tip painting. Cute and simple craft for the kids.heck, I'd like to try this myself! :) Creative Kids,DIY & Crafts for kids,Fabulous little Artists: Art ideas and lessons for Ideas,K