The Holocaust Memorial. Berlin, Germany. Information about International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 January 2013:

The Holocaust Memorial. Information about International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 January 2013

Mural by Natalii Rak at Folk on the Street in Poland

By the artist Natalii Rak, from Białystok, Poland. The sweet mural is a girl watering a tree.

Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru, consisting of artists Sainer and Bezt,

Etam Cru Brightens City Walls With Epic Colorful Street Art Murals

Street Art by Etam Cru Lodz, Poland based street artists Bezt and Sainer teamed up and created gigantic murals on side building walls throughout Poland.

photographer Rebecca Litchfield has toured former Soviet countries to document the once-monumental structures around the Eastern Bloc that have fallen into decay.

Photographer Rebecca Litchfield travelled to nine countries that were part of Soviet Union or accepted as satellite states for her book 'Soviet Ghosts'. This picture was taken at Buzludzha, in Bulgaria

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Abandoned Soviet architecture photographed by Rebecca Litchfield

A MAV 424 steam train sits in a dilapidated unit in Hungary. The photographer has decided not to reveal the exact locations of the abandoned buildings

Eastern Bloc Map

EasternBloc - World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Post-war Soviet territorial expansion; resulted in Central European border changes, the creation of a Communist Bloc, and start of the Cold War