Paint in ziplock bags, taped to table. Looks like a great color mixing lesson too. Doing this...tomorrow!

I kinda like the mess, but some days this might be a quick and easy way.Mess-free finger painting-Paint in ziplock bags, taped to table. Great distraction, no mess!

101 Toddler Activities -- look at this more later.

Ryan LOVES to play with the wipes, I bet he would love this 101 Toddler Activities ~ Arts & Crafts

I spy jar.

What a great idea. Make your own I SPY game with a VOSS water bottle. You fill it with rice and drop in little things to hide and then make a list of everything in the bottle for the kiddos to find. This is a great travel activity.

Sensory Play Activites for Babies ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

DIY tugging box for young toddlers - Laughing Kids Learn. Entertain older babies and young toddlers. I had never heard of a tugging box until I found this project.

ice play

Growing A Jeweled Rose: 56 Sensory Play Activites for Babies Awesome ideas

baby's first sensory bin

Plain Vanilla Mom: Alphabet Soup: A My First Sensory Bins Post Even babies can explore with "non-traditional" materials.

Tape a paper towel roll to the wall to keep toddlers busy.

37 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy On A Snow Day

20 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy.this is an awesome list! I really like the paper towel tube on the wall and all the different pipe cleaner activities.