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Tealight Totem in Concrete by Plywood Office

Concrete tealight totems - made "with a pleasing heft that is uncommon today." It's true. -a box. with an offset water bottle with a built-out tealight base should make a decent mold for this

Concrete extrusion; Power Switch Light by Paul (Povilas) Danius | DANIUS architecture design.

Power Switch Light by Paul Danius, Danius Architecture Design, Concrete, organic Glass, Electronics

Jan Jander - Concrete Garden Pot | Hotel World Asia

Concrete planters (try from hypertufa with chicken wires and polystyrene insert for winter insulation?

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cement table top inspiration

Portrait : Tove Adman, designer insulaire et inspirée

DIY Concrete and lace table / Tisch aus Beton mit Häkelmuster / Taula de formigó amb puntes.

pas très écologique mais  tellement beau, le béton.

[Concrete Tube Pendant Light from Wever & Ducré] I love lighting & other objects made from concrete: it is at once industrial and organic, with its gorgeous surface imperfections.

arty pendant light

“PulpLamp is a lamps’ collection made using as only material the paper paste from recycled newspapers, giving them this way a second life. They aren’t standard models, each new creation will have a new shape, color and texture

Méchant Studio Blog: last concrete treasuries

Items op Etsy die op concrete salt and pepper spice jar set salt cellar keeper container with rim lids with salt and pepper on lid - medium - kreteware concrete lijken

Aplomb - Suspension Foscarini Ciment Gris


"With Aplomb" special amalgam concrete pendant by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere for Foscarini. 'Aplomb' refers to a plumb-bob used by masons.

Concrete Lamp by Renate Vos

Concrete Lamp by Renate Vos

Concrete Lamp Designer Renate Vos Website: www.nl Netherlands based designer Renate Vos uses unconventional materials to create the Concrete Lamp, merging silicon rubber and cement. A heavy duty steel wire holds the lamp.