El mapa de Hogwarts, la escuela de magia de Harry Potter: | 26 mapas locos de sitios de ficción que te encantaría poder visitar

26 mapas locos de sitios de ficción que te encantaría poder visitar

Gotham City, as seen in the Nolan films

Gotham City - As seen in the Nolan films. It's not that map you deserve, but it's the map you need.

Gotham City (Batman)

Nolan Gotham Map Gotham The city planners must have been drunk when they mapped this one out.

The Lord of the Rings World Map

This is wallpaper rendition of J.R Tolkien's Middle Earth, the fantasy setting for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Map of Middle Earth for fans of Lord of the Rings images.

Gotham City Map

A map of Gotham City in the DC Universe, drawn by Eliot R Brown. This map first appeared in Batman: No Man's Land (Mar with gang territories marked out on it; this cleaner version is from Gotham Batman: City Secret Files (Apr

LOST map: The Island

Cartographer Creates Full Map Of LOST Island

Artist Jonah Adkins has spent four years developing this outstanding, nicely detailed geographic study of the fictitious island from the just-concluded, equally maddening and awesome TV series Lost.

Canción de Hielo y Fuego

Game of Thrones Map of Weste Wall Poster: Incredible Poster image from the hugely popular HBO medieval fantasy series, Game of Thrones. A must have for the true fan.