Best Boutonnières...EVER! Don't known if I would do this but pretty funny

Badass Boutonnières

Superhero boutonnieres Doria I could totally see your wedding with Star Wars action figure boutonnieres ;

You DON'T have to dress yourself or your groom the traditional way. A wedding is about YOU. Celebrate your own unique style and dress the way you want to. Let your man be comfy too. :)

plaid shirts, tweed vest and tie, dark denim jeans. Perfect for young Groomsmen, Best Man, Groom.

Seriously - Check out this whole post -- AWESOME AWESOME wedding shoot :) @Danielle Lampert LaFleur-Dutta | Dutta Photography

Wedding and Lifestyle Photography by Dutta Photography - Weddings on Whidbey

Such a cute way to change your dress for the reception!

Why do I love this dress so much! (minus the flannel.) Could be cute for a country themed wedding - where your husbands flannel over your dress for a picture.

vegan gluten-free wedding cake

Let Laura Miller of Sidesaddle Kitchen dissuade your qualms with her wonderfully energizing, shockingly tasty dessert spreads (chocolate sea salt macaroons, truffles, and seasonal fruit tarts).

Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Scott Pilgrim Wedding Proposal- This is awesome! I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim, but the concept itself is great.