Jonathan Wood

Jonathan Wood

Graphic designer based in Munich. One half of the legendary team at normal industries ( and visual designer at Amazon Prime Music.
Jonathan Wood
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Some people are more at home with being in front of a camera, we’ve had a rummage through the archives to prove that embarrassing photos aren’t just restricted to families


I'm Rick James B*tch!

From Dali to Bestiality: The 10 Craziest Stories in Rick James' Memoir Highlights from the funky singer's posthumous autiography, featuring Jim Morrison, Prince and Neil Young


maygrey: “ untitled “A small selection of slides I found from a presentation entitled ‘Psychological Defenses: Series B Part ”

Spicy Watermelon Spritz – The Mason Shaker

Celebrating Independence Day with the Spicy Watermelon Spritz – The Mason Shaker. Watermelon, sugar, lime, tequila, and chile salt.

What makes the world go round? Music makes the world go round!

This gonna be one helluva mix! 16 turntables at once! This dude on fire!