How I see libraries…

How I see libraries…this is what the world of books gives you-- imagination to see the pages come alive. And book stores

Eines Tages im Garten Eden sagte Eva zu Gott... |, Lustige Bilder, Sprüche, Witze und Videos

Eve is bored, which is why GOD creats a man for her. But as the man is proud, arrogant and only in love with himself GOD warns her to make the man believe that he was there first.

So wahr!

charming life pattern: zitat - das problem an einem guten buch ist.

Hunde und Katzen

This Baby And His Dog Friend Are The Most Adorable Twins To Ever Exist

The difference between dogs and cats <-- hahaha the funny thing its that is so true. This is why I don't like cats.

Jedem Menschen, dem du Vertrauen schenkst, gibst du ein Messer in die Hand. Wenn du Glück hast, verteidigt er dich damit. Wenn du Pech hast, sticht er es dir in den Rücken.

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