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I'm so used to seeing my Umbreon and Espeon with their mouths closed, that whenever they open their mouths it looks odd to me

Achso, deswegen ist er so stolz auf sein Ratfratz

I know the artist is portraying Youngster Joey as obscenely obnoxious but I think this is kinda cute. So that's why Joey brags about his rattata

Ein alter Bus wieder zum Leben erweckt | gemütlich und schön | ein neues Zuhause @tinyhouseblog

This family transformed an old school bus into into a chic home. You'll find solar panels for efficiency, along with a wood burning stove and other old school amenities still rule in the English countryside.

deswegen sollte man niemals in einem gebäude rum fahren

Lol because in the games it says "Professor Oak's words echoed, 'There is a time and place for everything, but not now.'" whenever you tried to ride a bike inside