DIY: gift wrapping with buttons

Gift wrapping with buttons and label maker - by Craft & Creativity (photo tutorial)

Gifts; paper wrap

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Bigger Harvest | Creative Packaging PD

Bigger Harvest

A Bigger Harvest Packaging - You’re probably wondering why these fruits have been dressed up like vegetables. Well, A Bigger Harvest packaging combines two Chinese tradit.


turn presents into something unique with these creative gift wrapping ideas for kids

Individual triangular shaped egg holders PD

Some extremely polyhedral design solutions to the problem of how to best package eggs. Not that eggs, themselves do not possess a geometry of their own, but “egg” geometry is parabolic rather than polyhedral.

34 Aggressively Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

34 Aggressively Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

Cool Packaging Designs Of Shoes - We Design Packaging

Clever use of the 'caterpillar track' to wrap the boots. Brings some fun as well as invoking rugged CAT brand values.

Designed by Gwyn Lewis | Website

Designer: Gwyn M. Lewis Project Type: Self Promotion Location: San Francisco Bay Area, United States Packaging Contents: Wool, knitting.