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60 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs for Women

Dream catcher tattoo, I love the idea of having it right behind your ear and on your head, so it's as close as possible to your dreams

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I LOVE this. I would do without the peace sign in the middle.// Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Girls

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One of the most popular tattoo designs is that of the dreamcatcher. The dreamcatcher originated with the Ojibwe tribe of North America and it the trinket is said to alter the dreams of those it protects by only allowing good. [ read more ]


Dream catcher tattoo Dreams can come true, you just need to make them happen. Live your dream.

A dreamcatcher is a Native American object that is meant to ward off harm and evil. It’s actually supposed to catch nightmares, so that they don’t enter a person’s mind. #illustration #art

Dreamcatcher-I like the idea of adding things within the dream catcher. Draw this up

Female tattoo, Love the placement and the words

"With pain comes strength" I got this tattoo because at the age of 18 I have had over a hundred surgeries. And have gone through things that people go a lifetime without doing. I've learned that the more you go trough the stronger you are

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

So cute I like the look of the henna better than a tattoo for this one/ the left looks way better.

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