Wie funktioniert eine Lunge

What a cool science project. Blow into the straws and watch the lungs inflate!


-March -Math addition -This activity gives children the ability to be hands on with the concept of addition or even subtraction

Clowns aus Hexentreppen - Fasching-basteln - Meine Enkel und ich - Made with schwedesign.de

Bastelideen/Basteln-Fasching-Clowns-Hexentreppen very adaptable for puppets

1-20 Number Puzzles | Kindergarten Math Centers | Kindergarten Math Puzzles | Read and Represent Numbers 1-20

Kindergarten NEW Math TEKS K.2BD: Number Puzzles (Numbers 1-20)

One more, One less, Ten More, Ten Less !WOW, why didn't I think of this! MamaPat

Today I wanted to stop by and share some strategies for teaching vowel teams and diphthongs in our classroom! It's always challenging to teach spelling patterns

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/5f/9b/bf/5f9bbf4fe50de73f891477fbf45b273e.jpg Mehr zur Mathematik und Lernen allgemein unter zentral-lernen.de

Love this tens frames idea great for subitising, addition, subtraction & number facts. To make image clearer, I would leave a space between each row of boxes.

Sandr Dirks - Tipps für das Whiteboard - Feedbackübung

Visualisierungsideen für das Whiteboard

Sandr Dirks - Tipps für das Whiteboard - Feedbackübung