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A man who reads ... sexy as hell! can't even...

« Spotted this scruffy prince on his morning commute. Probably to sculpture class. I'm sure he's reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but…

The way she looked at him sometimes... it was like she loved him in between all the hatred.

"Double Recessive" is a theatrical savage comedy about the impending extinction of red haired individuals. The show has been performed internationally by creator and star, Jordan Lloyd Watkins.

Crowfall - Throne War MMO | Halup

Hero, the First Crow Little is known of the immortal the bards call Hero. By most accounts, he was a mortal soldier. It is said that he fought with distinction in the War of the Dragons, that he carried the All-Father’s banner in the campaign to tame

James Purefoy - "Ironclad" but really he's Richard I in Gisborne: Book of Kings.

Richard I in Gisborne: Book of Kings - Made for movie Ironclad actor James Purefoy. The Broadsword used in the show is a version of the Scottish Claymore, only it is long and wider at the hilt.

Corvo Face from Dishonored 2                                                                                                                                                      More

Enjoy The Art of Dishonored 2 in a a collection of Concept Art made by Cedric Peyravernay, Piotr Jabłoński, Sergey Kolesov & Arkane Studios. Dishonored 2 i