DIY Lanterns

One of our favourite annual festivals in Germany, is St Martin's Day in November, when children go around in processions with home made (and store bought) lanterns. Here are some ideas to inspire your own St Martin's lanterns!
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Another easy idea for the little ones!

Color on baking parchment paper. Put the paper around glass jars, drop in a tea light candle and you got yourself a personalized lantern - kid's artwork lanterns :)

Love these beautiful paper cut lanterns. Head over to Lia's site to download a template!

Make Your Own Winter Paper Lanterns

Could easily make just one of these houses to take on a lantern procession! Link includes free template.

DIY paper house luminary project with free template - light up train village for bottom of Christmas tree?

Maybe not so practical or a procession, but these are stunning! Lia's site includes a template to download.

DIY Paper Lanterns for Halloween Decorations

These spooky lanterns will be the perfect decorations to your mantel, table or on your front porch welcoming Trick or Treaters

Wow, cocktail umbrella lantern! Link includes a video tutorial.

Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Light - This fun summer light is created from cocktail umbrellas and a paper lantern, and is a fun and festive way to brighten up our patio!

Lantern made from paper plates.

Katzen-Laterne basteln

"Scottish" lanterns, lol. Maybe we should try these for our cross-cultural household :)

Maybe we should try these for our cross-cultural household :)

Beautiful! Depending on how good you are at drawing, could make one of your own house/street/town.

Rebeccas DIY: DIY: Papperslyktan Södermalm * Paper lantern Stockholm I -used battery powered lights on a string and put it in a glass jar. I put the drawing around the jar and gued it togehter on the back usin _g a glue gun.

Water colour lanterns.

Making paper lanterns for St Martin's Day / Martinmas. We used water colours and medium weight paper to make these beautiful lanterns