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the beach with text overlaying cape town tips for your 1st time
Travel Tips for Cape Town, South Africa
The following weeks I had a lot of adventures, some scary experiences and made some great new friends! In this post I’m trying to explain my own experiences and views on Cape Town so please don’t judge if that interferes with your own opinion. Feel free to reach out if you want to share your thoughts on Cape Town or my post – I’m always up for a great discussion and I feel like there’s a lot going on over there that still needs to be discussed.
rice fields with the words self experience tips for your 1st time
The Bali Experience
All you need to know for your first time on the island. Best places for living and most fun things to do.
a woman walking in the desert with text overlay that reads remote life in tenerife
Remote Life in Tenerife
The best tips, hikes and secret spots on the island!
palm trees line the beach on a sunny day
Travel Route Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic has much more to offer than giant hotels and endless white beaches! Read about pretty cool places and photo spots in the Dominican Republic in this post! Let me tell you where to go and how to get there!
an old blue car driving down a street next to tall buildings
Cuba Trip – Tips Tricks
Have you ever thought about travelling to Cuba? It feels like going back in time – mix of the middle age and the 60s/70s. You should definitely still visit this unique country as long as it looks like this.
a person swimming in the water near some rocks and cliffs with text overlay that reads cote d'azur, france
Travel Inspo for the Côte d'Azur
Travelling has definitely changed after Covid-19 but that doesn’t stop me from exploring new places. This summer I went to the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera) for a few days and discovered the cities Nice, Cannes, Menton and Antibes, as well as the island Île Sainte Maguerite.
an orange trolly car traveling down the tracks in front of buildings with a pink banner over it that says, discovering portugal
Discover Portugal
This blogpost gives you at least 20 reasons to visit Portugal! This amazing country offers not only many unique beaches and rock formations but also beautiful cities like Porto and Lisbon!
the road trip through europe with text overlay
Road Trip through Europe
Have you ever explored Europe? We went on a road trip for only two weeks and explored 8 countries! Read about planning and preparing a trip, about the costs and about what to bring!
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a cactus with the ocean in the background
Coworking Trip to Madeira
Don’t let the pandemic stop you from exploring new places. Working remotely gives us the unique chance of working from the most beautiful places on earth. I chose to join a coworking trip with people from joinmytrip to work from the beautiful island Madeira. Read more about this experience!
a boat floating on top of a river next to tall buildings with the words 3 best spots in the netherlands
Top 7: Travel the Netherlands
In this post I point out seven of my favorite spots in the Netherlands including beautiful beaches as well as modern cities.
a woman standing on top of a lush green hillside next to a body of water
Must Dos Azores Islands
Not everyone knows about the Azores Islands, a group of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean that belong to ... Europe! But besides a lot of volcanos and great hikes there's much more to see and explore, like waterfalls, tea or pineapple plantations or stunning national parks with natural pools and hot springs. Read more here:
the beach is clean and empty for us to see in this advertismment
Dominican Republic during Corona!
If you're ever stuck in a foreign country during a crisis here's a list of things you could/should do to get back home safely.