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I was thinking (in my head) about how I would like to be able to "plug in" to something and just magically absorb the German lang. (for a future course I MUST take) and this pops up as a "suggestion". Okay SATAN, enough "unknowable knowledge" lolz

Butterfly Knot This knot will allow you to place loops along interior sections of a rope that can be used for a million and one practical purposes. Simply form a figure 8 with the rope at the point where you want the loop to be and leave the ends dangling as you hold it in place. Fold the top of the figure 8 down and behind the bottom piece. Fold it up and over the bottom piece and through the loop. Pull it up from behind the loop and yank tightly until it is secure.

5 Basic Knots That Everyone Should Know There are dozens of different knots out there, and each one serves a purpose that is intended make securing and transporting things easier.