Several ways to tie shoes.

17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces.I shall never look at my shoelaces the same. Just remember that the way the shoes come laced up isn't passé, it's just 1 of 17 ways to tie your shoelaces.


DIY Snowflakes from Paper diy craft crafts how to tutorial winter crafts christmas crafts christmas decorations christmas decor snowflakes

DIY mit Kindern holz küchen 3D effekt hand

27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work THIS IS AMAZING! Gonna have to try it Need fantastic helpful hints about arts and crafts?

This pillow.

Funny pictures about Monster Doll Made From Old Clothes. Oh, and cool pics about Monster Doll Made From Old Clothes. Also, Monster Doll Made From Old Clothes photos.

Einhorn Schachtel aus Klopapierrollen falten – Schnelle DIY Geschenkverpackung! Diese Schachteln sind wirklich blitzschnell selbst gemacht und ich finde die Idee mit den Klopapierrollen total klasse. Wer hätte gedacht, dass sich aus Klopapierrollen noch so tolle Geschenkschachteln basteln lassen? Gerade wenn ihr jetzt vor Weihnachten nach einer schnellen Geschenkverpackung (z.B. für Süßigkeiten, Schmuck, usw…) sucht, solltet ihr diese Schachteln unbedingt ausprobieren.

Einhorn Schachtel aus Klopapierrollen falten – DIY Geschenkverpackung

Coole DIY Schale

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. Recycling CD's and DVD's isn't easy. This diy birdbath is a great idea for a weekend upcycling project.

DIY: Origami Schmetterling

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Marbled Paperweight by Kiwi Crate

rocks white paint paintbrush nail polish – various colors bowl toothpicks More info and instructions about this great tutorial you can find !

Hahahaha Just had to pin this!!!!!!!

Art Dolls - Sculpture - hand made dolls and characters - soft sculptured cat - there is just something interesting about this cat! It reminds me of Bill the Cat in a comic strip and a crazy siamese cat we had that was a bit nuts!

Buchstaben in Wolle Mehr

DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas) -

Wrap yarn around a letter made out a wood letter for a cute sign in the home! :) Wrap yarn around a letter made out a wood letter for a cute sign in the home. If you love arts and crafts you will enjoy our info!

Sue's tangle trips

Tangled Seashells - Summer is almost over so before school starts up again I wanted to do some more tangled shells.