Auch nicht schlecht. Gerade weil ich auch eher blaue Augen habe und der Schmuck silbern ist.

For Blue Eyes For Striking, Beautiful Looks

DIY Eye Makeup Tutorial diy eye shadow how to diy makeup eye makeup eye liner makeup tutorials eye makeup tutorials

Abend Makeup mit braunen Lidschatten und schwarzem Lidstrich

Eye wedding make up dark smokey eye for blue eyes! If I were to match the colors here I would use : Ploof on lid, inner, and brow bone; wedge or cork slightly on mid crease; and carbon on v crease.

Lippenstift auftragen ohne übermalen. #TeenEventMake-upAcademy

Tutorial How To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly (Steps + Products Used). A step by step beginner's guide to line lips with red pencil and then lipstick.

Wunderschöne Augen! ♥

So pretty- Light Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial - 10 Brown Eyeshadow Tutorials for Seductive Eyes

Which lipstick is best on your skin tone? This is spot on for my skin tone

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Perfect lipstick shades for you! THIS IS SO HELPFUL. I have been wanting to know what lipstick(s) will look good with my skin tone!

Die passende Lidschattenfarbe für deine Augenfarbe

Make-up; eye shadow colors for brown eyes, hazel eyes, amber eyes, aqua eyes, green eyes and blue eyes

Schönes Augen Make-Up für blaue Augen

Gold & Blue eyeshadow, I would replace this with green underneath as blue eye shadow doesn't look very good with green eyes