Cat sitz

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This is so funny!

My dog loves coffee too! I found out the hard way that even a tiny bit or coffee is bad for a chiweenie though. Now she gets milk, a tiny bit of sugar, and just enough decaf to give it a coffee taste. She drinks her coffee beside me every weekend.


i literally can't stop laughing at this I forgot this little girl's face in this movie

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Als der Dalai Lama gefragt wurde, was ihn am meisten an der Menschheit…

So true!

Repeat after me: Diet Pepsi is NOT an acceptable substitute for Diet Coke! Diet Pepsi is NEVER OK! Gimme my Diet Coke!

My mom knew how to raise some kids. Lol

Free, Reminders Ecard: When I was growing up there was no "she's a kid" excuse when I misbehaved.

Curves and Tattoos ...

Rottenecards - Take note: Women with curves and tattoos are awesome. Nobody wants a stick with no creativity.

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When I wake up and realize I have 2 more hours of sleep before my alarm goes off. - Funny and Relatable!

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

When someone informs me the food I'm eating isn't healthy. Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, Temple of Doom

Ich bin Teilzeit-Engel, Gelegenheit-Hexe, Halbzeit-Teufel und Vollzeit-Verrückte! shares

I am halftime angel Sometimes a witch Half devil And always Crazy

For real...

Art Funny Movies Ecard: My worst nightmare is that Kristen Stewart will play Anastasia Steele in the 50 Shades movie.

Did we mention you don't have to share your food?

12 Sassy Quotes For When You're Single AF — But Loving It

Being single can be a GREAT thing (and maybe sometimes NOT so great). It all really depends on your attitude. So to help you boost your fab points, here are 12 sassy quotes to show you that it's not so bad to be single.

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