Kunst in der Grundschule: Pinguine

Penguin Art Project

Pinguin sur fond coloré Penguins & colorful background -- How cute are these? Not too worried that my graders might find this too young for them. It's so darn cold outside that they'll love decorating a penguin. Good 2 part art project for them.

Tissue Paper Mitten Craft

Tissue Paper Mitten Craft and many other wonderful kindergarten art projects found on this site.

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The first grade art projects created during January were beautiful! Each group of classes selected their own "winter" themed art pr.

Fensterschmuck aus vielen geschnittenen Schneeflocken

If you have an outside classroom window, arrange your students' snowflake cutouts into an adorable snowpal. Just think of the winter writing prompts this smiling pal could inspire!

9f88428ea1658072460e384b6ed665a1.jpg (736×552)

9f88428ea1658072460e384b6ed665a1.jpg (736×552)