CD cover design that strikes the perfect balance between ambiance, emptiness and peace.

ARO / Christian Schupp - A beautiful fragile balance LP cover (Anthony Drawn) - graphic design - photography - pastel land

Simple CD cover design that creates a soft, silky mood.

Song: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight Artist: The Postal Service Album: Give Up Smeared black ink Your palms are sweaty And I'm barely listening To last de.

CD cover design with rich blacks and bold urban vibe.

Here are album cover art with inspiring use of typography and text effects. You may draw inspiration from these designs when you do your own album cover.

Proof that less is more.

Music CD cover design for Lonely Mountain Bows. Packaging realized combining feather illustrations, a very simple typography and different paper textures (smooth satineé paper, Polaroid, and cardboard).

I know someone who once met with the artist behind this work of genius. Upon seeing this item in his portfolio, my friend said "Well, you have some talent". True story.

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon First CD I ever bought and I don't know why. I never have been a big Floyd fan.

A CD cover design that takes you places.

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Love the clean design and spiritual ambiance on this CD cover.

Love the clean design and spiritual ambiance on this CD cover.

Storytelling & CD cover design. I wonder how -that- story ends...

I selected some samples of cd covers done by mostly unknown designers to upcoming artists, I called the selection unknown because you provably haven't seen most of these covers before.

If you want to throw in fancy flourishes on a CD cover, by all means go all the way!

creative music cd cover designs Sting - the soul cages - promotional cd The Beautiful Mistake by starvingeyes MIlky Globe by non-format JR Ewing by Unit delta plus Voyage en Tzigane by Super.