DIY geometrische Pocket Notebook Stickerei Kit Set von zwei

DIY Geometric Pocket Notebook Embroidery Kit Set by CuriousDoodles - I have so many craft Moleskines from traveling. Great idea, no need for a damn kit!

geometrische Stempel

triangle rubber stamps from www. Hand carved rubber stamp by Green Garden Stamps hand carved leaf stam.

Outline figures made from bent wire by Miro Chun. I've Pinned some stuff made by her before but didn't have a link to her web side. Just scroll down the German page & hit her name under the last photo & you'll go straight to her page. Great stuff ;)

Figurenoutlines aus Draht wire outlines animals for the home

Blumen Sticken: Plattstich Blumen

Blumen Sticken: Plattstich Blumen

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Sargs IPA packaging design by Hula Estudio -

Sargs IPA

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Manchmal braucht man im Leben einfach ein gutes Wort, einen Aufmunterer und Mutmacher. Wenn gerade in solchen Momenten kein Mitmensch da ist, eignet sich die kleine „The Instant Comfort Pocket Box“ perfekt als erste Hilfe. Egal für welche Lebenslage, in dieser kleinen Schachtel, die in jede Hosentasche passt, steht immer etwas Nettes, das Mut macht. …

by Kim Welling - illustration in a small pocketsize box with comforting words.a use for that box full of little jewelry boxes a parent donated?// could even make an origami box to start.

It has been a busy few days but I am happy to be stepping away from the computer and carving this dala horse design this morning! Really enjoying these folk themes!

Previous Pinner: Enjoying an early morning printing session with this new bluejay scene I finished carving yesterday! Looking forward to a busy design workday and ticking the boxes on my to-do list.