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50 Things To Throw Away For Instant Decluttering And Peace

Clutter can be overwhelming and create stress and anxiety. We have 50 ways to throw things away to create peace in your home.

5 Mood Boards to Inspire Your Capsule Wardrobe

It's now February and that means that spring is just around the corner. I'll be refreshing my capsule in March, and I thought it would be fun to put together some visual inspiration. So I created 5 mood boards to inspire your capsule wardrobe!

89 Things to Remove from your Home & your Life – ScaleitSimple

Simple living means being brave enough to change your perspective and habits. Whether its a journey to minimalism, self-love, travel, or enriching your mind through books you will find a little bit of it all on this simple living blog.

How Minimalists Stop Wanting New Things

Quiet the voice of wanting new things by establishing priorites, saying no to too much social media, and practicing gratitude daily.

Living Simply to Be Home Full Time

Matt Walsh wrote a post yesterday about Americans being a nation of depressed people. I wrote this comment in response to it: "It's because we have left our Creator's design for us. Men were created

Tara McKenna | ZWC on Instagram: “Have you made the switch to reusable facial rounds? It’s a super simple swap, and if you’re sewing savvy you can make them at home! Perfect…”

14.4k Likes, 436 Comments - Tara McKenna | ZWC (@zero.waste.collective) on Instagram: “Have you made the switch to reusable facial rounds? It’s a super simple swap, and if you’re sewing…”

Building a Zero Waste Grocery Kit — Litterless

The grocery was the first place I started with zero waste. That was several years ago now, but what I do remember is that a set of produce bags was one of the very first purchases I made when I decided I was finally brave enough to start emulating the few folks I'd heard about who were working on pa


Dans le sac produit des produits écologiques et durables faits localement au Québec. Des sacs réutilisables de qualités pour un mode de vie zéro déchet. Eco-friendly prod

How to Store Produce Without Plastic | The Zero Waste Memoirs

Ever wonder how to store produce without plastic? Trust me, it's possible. Here's how to store every type of fruit and vegetable totally plastic-free.

I’m “too lazy” for paper towels – Cloth “un-paper” towels DIY and tutorial

About a year ago, I stopped buying paper towels. It wasn’t that I made the decision on principle (and I’m not about to go all “family cloth” at my house either), it was more…

A Crash Course in Waste-Free Living With Stevie Van Horn

We spent a day learning how Brooklyn-based embroidery artist Stevie Van Horn has maintained a zero-waste lifestyle for two years. (She made it look easy!)

Lunch Bag // The Original Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag // Lunch Bag | Etsy

Our Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags are perfect for any meal or snack. Great for kids or adults on the go. Not going anywhere, no problem. These bags also work well for food storage (hello messy garlic & onions), or if you roll the top down you’ve got a super cute plant holder (just don’t forget the water

How My Life Looks After 30 Days Of Decluttering

This week, I finally moved out of the apartment I’ve lived in for three years, and into one with my boyfriend, Peter. I say “finally” because it feels like it’s been such a long time coming — we moved Peter’s stuff into the new apartment (a one-bedroom in the same building where he used to live in […]

10 Days of Minimalism

Hello folks! First of all I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day! While writing my post on gift ideas for Valentine's Day (Read it Here) I once again thought about the topic of clutter and how much stuff we buy for ourself and others which then stays in a closet never seen or used. That…

Shelfie - toy rotation - toy organisation - early years - toddler ideas - play

April 2018 Shelfies - Busy Busy Learning

Shelfie - toy rotation - toy organisation - early years - toddler ideas - play