bench detail

10x42 Bench | Live Edge Cedar

jo nagasaka resin and wood tables

Squaring off a board using epoxy resin infill. Beautiful detail that juxtaposes material qualities within a singular mass. By Jo Nagasaka "flat table peeled"

shifty / daniel schofield

Use drawer slides; mount the drawer on the wall; attach the shell to the slides, so it pulls out. Shifty Desk / Hallway Stand by Daniel Schofield This is such a great storage idea! It can be a shelf and a drawer.

Lamp by Northen Lighting

This is a curious and intriguing lamp design Lamp by Northen Lighting.stack it sandwich like into walls or solo scribble and go wild with a design on the light

Google Reader

Stitch coffee table designed by Uhuru Design. The Stitched Table is built around a one-of-a kind, flitch-cut hardwood slab. Split nearly in two by a dramatic and naturally occurring.

studioapart: andamio modular shelf assembly

influenced by traditional indian scaffolding, the modular shelving system can be adjusted to the user's desired height to cover different functions.



studioapart: andamio modular shelf assembly

Easily Assembled Modular Shelf that Inspired by Indian Scaffolding This shelf designed by Studioapart, an easy to built shelf that will perfect for your