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I made wood window sills for my home shortly after I moved in. They still look absolutely great and require only a little swipe with Pledge.

Ice queen

I have a couple of make up ideas for my Halloween costume.and this Winter/ Snow/ Frozen/ Ice theme is perfect!

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Sick of spending way too much time googling DIY costume ideas? We spent hours scrolling through every corner of the Internet to dig up the most amazing and creative costumes so you don't have to. Keep reading for 101 DIY costume

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Suoerheroine The Peahen" photographed here at a news conference when Batman revealed he chose another feathered friend, Robin, as his crime fighting partner. It's recorded she cried mostly.

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Witch by Dominique Wesson, via Awesome gradient effect on makeup. I did this 2 years ago but the contacts add the eerie extra the makeup needs. by queen

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animal lips :) these are kids actual lips. How cute would this be for a kids bday party instead of face painting? Great for a jungle or animal party.

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