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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is my Angel — limapics: Bombshell Summer Tour 2011

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Einfache Ideen die es wirklich in sich haben #3 #5

Maybe make a portable one? Tape dispenser - masking, duct, painters, etc. 49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

DIY Planter Box Bench

DIY Planter Box Bench - 15 Practical DIY Woodworking Ideas for Your Home. Front porch under window: scale down planters, add back.

Modern DIY outdoor bench - 15 Practical DIY Woodworking Ideas for Your Home

DIY with some Husband help! Modern DIY outdoor bench - 15 Practical DIY Woodworking Ideas for Your Home I like this bench. Simple to make, fairly clear instructions and a good cut list.

6 DIY kitchen lighting ideas

Colander kitchen light - give the humble cooking tool a new identity, from Sunset

Do it Yourself Hacks and Clever Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen

These lights are a creative DIY idea for unique lighting in the kitchen! If you don't have cheese graters, maybe pick a different appliance? Lighting/ Unique/ Creative lighting/ Design/ Home decor