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Modern Horizontal Plywood Fence For Backyard Design Feature Beautiful Natural Plants And Brown Wicker Swing Chair Also Laminated Wooden Flooring

1x Mobilane Fertighecke® - Efeuhecke - Efeusichtschutz - Sichtschutz

Garden FEELINGS Sichtschutz- Hecke Efeu, Sichtschutzhecke (743) Maße 3 x 1 m NEU

Mobilane Fertighecke® - Hecke am laufenden Meter® - Efeuhecke - Efeusichtschutz

Sichtschutz im Garten - Das große Ideenbuch: Manuel Sauer: Bücher

What if you wanted a privacy fence or solid backdrop and had trees that needed to come down. Do this or cut the tall pines into 7 or 8 foot lengths and bury upright side by side to make a 10 to 20 foot backdrop.