Julie jmommymom

Julie jmommymom

I am an American mother of three living in Germany raising a daughter who is battling Leukemia. Education is my focus. Speed! is a fun game I created in 2011 to
Julie jmommymom
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Self portraits can be done in many ways, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. This is a project I did with my summer camp students that went so well it will end up in my classroom as well.

So many pipes!

With this simple drawing we put into practice the value, the theory of the shadows, and the representation of space in classes of seventh grade. The tubes are drawn with a ruler on the drawing pad.

A lot of dots for a painting

With students of the sixth grade, we observed that the smallest element of visual language is the POINT. Is it possible to make a work of art made only of points? The Australian Aboriginal art conf…

Early Colonies - American History for Kids

Early Colonies - American History for Kids

High School History, Government and Economics Books

Here is a summary of books and videos we used for our correlated high school economics, government and history unit study.

Economics Books for Elementary Kids

We all want our children to grow up to be financially independent adults. Therefore reading elementary aged kids a few books showing example.

Government, History and Economics Books for High School Kids

Highhill Homeschool: Combining History, Government and Economics - Richard Maybury

How many chickens should you get?

My husband and son made a model of the coop. This existing dog house was perfect for a coop. It just needed a few modifications.

High School History, Government and Economics Combined

The Five Thousand Year Leap should be the government book for high school children. When I was in high school I remember learning abou.