Jule Montag
Weitere Ideen von Jule
Photo tutorial of how I do my bumper bangs: 1. Middle part hair 2. Pull forward triangular section of hair 3. Roll rat into hair 4. Pin into place 5. Splay out hair to cover the ends of the rat 6. Bow and accessorize!
how to style retro pin up hair- victory rolls and faux bumper bangs with a 1940s hair snood net via va-voom vintage
Diablo Rose rocking bright pink hair and a big black bow! I love her cute rockabilly, pinup, retro style!
Lavender Pin-Up Wedding Hair.
The Freckled Fox: Hair Tutorial The Rockabilly Double-roll
vintage victory roll pinup hair style
First nighter women
These version of victory rolls and bun is amazing
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